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VistaBlades Synthetic Grass

3 Pillar System

The VistaBlades artificial grass product line includes 6 high quality, very durable turfs to cover just about any project imaginable. 

Pillar 1 - The Grass


Synthetic Grass

EasyLock Base Panels are a patented, interlocking plastic panel system used under artificial grass as an alternative to rock.  Installed on almost any surface, EasyLock Base Panels provide a solid and comfortable foundation along with superior drainage.

Pillar 2 - The Base

EasyLock Base Panels

A full line of high-quality accessories needed for most artificial grass installations including antimicrobial infills, strong turf adhesives, quality seam tape, padding, nails and fabrics.

Pillar 3 - Accessories


More and more home and business owners are realizing that artificial grass is a solid investment and completely changes the way we interact with our outdoor space.

The Benefits of VistaBlades

High Quality VistaBlades Artificial Grass is incredibly durable and will last for decades.

20+ Year Life

Weed-free VistaBlades artificial grass maintains a consistently lush and green appearance throughout the year, enhancing the visual appeal of your outdoor space.

No More Weeds

It is inevitable that mud and dirt from outside finds it way inside on paws, feet and clothes. With artificial grass, that problem is solved day 1 and its solved forever.

No More Mud

Every 1000 sq ft of installed artificial grass can save up to 50,000 gallons of water per year. Over the expected lifetime of artificial grass you could save 1,000,000 gallons of water.

Save Water

VistaBlades artificial grass requires minimal maintenance. Unlike live grass, it doesn't need regular mowing, trimming, or weeding. This saves time, effort, and ongoing costs.

No More Mowing

VistaBlades artificial grass eliminates the need for such chemicals, reducing environmental impact and promoting a healthier outdoor environment.

No More Pesticides or Fertilizers

Working as a system, VistaBlades  artificial grass prevents mud, and its green, evergreen appearance keeps brown spots at bay, resulting in a cleaner and more visually appealing outdoor space.

No More

Brown Spots

VistaBlades artificial grass does not harbor allergenic plants like live grass. This also creates uninhabitable conditions for mosquitos and most insects.

Reduce Allergies, Mosquitos, Rodents and Insects

Lawn & Landscape

Rising costs of watering your lawn and fueling lawn maintenance equipment make it difficult to keep your lawn looking its best. Eliminate these ongoing expenses with the VistaBlades Synthetic Lawn system. Our high quality turf and accessories product lines provide beautiful, earth-friendly landscape solutions to help you do your part for the environment.

Pet Areas

When it comes to pet products there is no better or safer solution than VistaBaldes synthetic grass. Our Pet System is designed to match the use, location and budget for any pet area from small backyard to large commercial pet park. No more muddy paws!

Playgrounds / Play Areas

When it comes to your kids, nothing is more important than their safety. Most playground injuries occur as the result of a fall on surfaces that are abrasive, hard or just plain unsafe. The VistaBlades Playground System is designed to create an awesome play area that will help protect children from falls as high as 10-feet under the IPEMA standards.

Agility & Sport

Our specialty lines of sport field and agility turfs are high quality, American made synthetic grasses. Incredibly durable, the VistaBlades agility packages will help prevent common athletic injuries. Our products are ideal for agility training and speed drills and can be installed indoors or outdoors.

Putting Greens / Golf

Every golfers dream backyard would include their very own customized putting green that rolls like a realy green. Developed to perform as close to professional grade natural golf grass for true ball-roll and realistic performance for all golf grass applications, the VistaBlades golf system is a high quality selection of turfs to make that dream a reailty. 

Rooftop / Deck

If you’re looking for a perfect way to transform that unused space or ugly flat roof into an ideal area to spend time with your family, friends or pets, get started with premium quality VistaBlades synthetic grass designed to install on decking or flat roofs.

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